A1 Licence

Age 17 and Over

Learn to Ride

At 17 you can ride a motorcycle (either scooter or motorcycle style) up to 125cc (maximum power 11KW) on your provisional licence after completing a CBT course. You must display L plates and cannot carry a passenger or use motorways.

After passing your CBT and a motorcycle Theory Test you can also choose to take the 2-stage practical test to gain an A1 licence. This category will allow you to ride a motorcycle or scooter up to 125cc (with maximum power of 11 KW) without L plates, and to carry a passenger. You might find that passing a full motorcycle test can also reduce your insurance costs.

What you can ride

Below is a list of Kawasaki models you can ride with this licence.


Ninja 125

Kawasaki Kalculator

Once you have your licence, find out how little it can cost to own a brand new Kawasaki.