What is KRTS?

Kawasaki works with authorised training service providers throughout the UK to offer professional rider training. Located in areas to complement the Kawasaki dealer network, current riders and those new to two-wheels are encouraged to learn and improve their skills to get the most of their experience on a Kawasaki machine.

100% More Fun

You'll have more fun on a motorcycle than any other mode of transport. Choose the scenic route, look forward to Monday mornings and put a huge smile on your face every day!

Easy Parking

Couldn't find a parking space - again?! Motorcyclists benefit from fitting into smaller spaces so more places to park and they're easier to find - and very often free as well.

Save Money

Motorcycles and Scooters have great fuel consumption. Small scooters mean you can travel for as little as 1p per mile. Excellent news for your wallet!

Save Time

No more hours at a standstill in traffic - the average commuter spends nearly 2 and half months doing this.

Lots of new Friends

The number of motorcyclists has nearly doubled in the past 20 years so get out there and meet them.

Why choose Kawasaki Rider Training Services (KRTS)?

A leader in the industry

KRTS is a national training service provided by leading manufacturer Kawasaki in collaboration with the Motorcycle Industry Association. Together we aim to ensure safe, comprehensive and fun motorcycle training at the highest level.

Strict Brand Standards

KRTS authorised Training Schools operate to strict Kawasaki standards, which are regularly assessed to be sure these are followed. This applies not just to the training you receive but also the provision of well-maintained bikes and clean, safe riding gear – making the whole experience pleasurable from start to finish.

1st class customer service

We aim to provide customer service that is second to none – friendly instructors at our authorised schools and our staff at the KRTS Contact Centre are on hand to answer any questions or concerns with no obligation to sign up.