Commonly asked questions when learning to ride

17 years old is the entry age for riding a motorcycle of up to 125cc on a CBT with L-plates.

Yes. There is a motorcycle specific theory test, where a number of the questions relate directly to using a motorcycle on the road. You would need to take this in order to take your motorcycle test but not your CBT.

A provisional motorcycle licence is required to complete your CBT and you will need a CBT in order to start training for your test. Most full car licences include this.

A CBT is a basic course designed to teach you how to ride a motorcycle and is split in to 5 elements, those elements are: An overview of the day, including an introduction to the safety equipment and clothing that you will be using on the day, as well as an eyesight check An introduction to the machine that you will be using, go over the controls, machine checks and how to move the bike around manually and taking it on and off the stand. Getting on the bike for the first time, firstly getting you to do slow manoeuvres so that you can learn how the machine rides, how to use the brakes and gear (if applicable) and the observations that you must do when riding on the road. Looking at the Highway Code and road laws. You should cover the rules on insurance, MOT's, speed and driving under the influence of drink or drugs. You should also go over how to look after yourself when riding on the road, talking about things like riding whilst upset or angry, being seen on the road, hazards you might encounter and different weather conditions. Going out on the road for the first time. At most, there will be just you, an instructor and one other student and you will be taken to different types of junctions and roads to introduce you to them. You will also attempt a couple of basic manoeuvres on the road. You will spend at least 2 hours out on the road.

You will need to bring your provisional licence with you. This is mandatory and without it, you cannot train. You will also need to have a basic understanding of the Highway Code. Sturdy clothing and footwear that covers your ankles. Glasses if you require them to drive.

A CBT doesn't have a pre-set length of time, however you must get through all 5 elements of it, including a minimum 2 hour road ride. It is normally completed within a day, although sometimes people need a little longer to get through the course. Not everyone learns at the same rate, some customers will take longer. Your instructor can guide you through this process.

A CBT certificate lasts two years from date of issue. You will either need to retake your CBT or undertake further training and gain a full licence before it expires.

No, a CBT will allow you to ride up to a 125cc bike (depending on age) on L plates. However, you are unable to go on a motorway or carry passengers.

Yes, but rarely. You will need to learn to ride a bike in most conditions such as rain, sleet or snow as you might get caught out in the future. However, certain manoeuvres cannot be completed in certain conditions.

Your Module 1 certificate will expire when the theory test that you had when you took that test expires. Even if you re-take your theory test, you Module 1 will expire when your first theory test certificate runs out. Once you have passed Module 2 test, you will have the corresponding licence, as you cannot take your Module 2 before passing your Module 1.

In most cases yes, however you would need to insure the bike to be used by a learner. Also, depending on the test that you are taking, there are minimum vehicle requirements.