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Welcome to Ridercraft Specialist Motorcycle Training Services

Ridercraft is based at Redcar racecourse, this gives us access to the biggest training area in the North East. We have purposely designed private classrooms to help customers achieve their dreams. Lesson plans that have proven exercises broken and taught in manageable chunks and the results are always evident in our MOD1 pass rate. 

The Ridercraft model is the product of 30 years teaching full time. Within that time I have developed techniques for teaching others to ride more effectively, looking at the relationship between the human body, the machine dynamics and the psychological advantages that can be gained when these techniques allow the trainee to cognitively join to their machine. 

Theory of kinetics is explained and then taught and practiced to help the trainee gain versatility within the tools given. This frees p a lot of the process window (mental space) when cognitive control is reached as controlling the machine through feel and strong route pattern practice means less thought is needed for control. This matched  up with a training area big enough to use the full DVSA MODULE1 layout to train with and then still have lots of space for CBT’s to run, Ridercrafts customers get a fantastic service, in an environment that is perfect for learning, with a consistently evolving training model taught by staff that are pleased and proud to teach others how to ride. 

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Feel free to contact Ridercraft Specialist Motorcycle Training Services  at any time to request more information about KRTS. You can reach us by phone at 07500939353, or by filling in the form below.


Redcar Racecourse 
1 Thwaites Ln
TS10 2FD

Tel: 07500939353

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Monday – Friday:  9:00am to 4:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am to 3:00pm
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