Compulsory Basic Training

The CBT is the first step you need to take in the world of motorcycling.

The CBT Course

Great news, you've decided to ride a motorcycle. Compulsory Basic Training or CBT as it is referred to, is the first step you need to take in the world of motorcycling.

You can chose to do the CBT course as a 'standalone' activity or it can be the precursor to full licence via a Direct Access Course (combined prices are available). You will learn the basic skills on one of our quality Kawasaki machines and be under the guidance of a qualified instructor. They will introduce you five 'elements' designed to make your riding both safe and enjoyable.

Element A

Element A is all about what kit to wear.

Element B

Element B is an introduction to the bike itself.

Element C

Now the real fun starts! Element C is learning how to control the machine. Certain skills will be explained to you, then demonstrated before being encouraged to have a go yourself.

Element D

Element D is an informal question and answer session where your instructor will give real term advice on riding on the public roads.

Element E

Then the bit you've been waiting for Element E - a minimum of 2 hours out on the road. This will consolidate your learning for the day and hopefully culminate in the issue of a DL196 a CBT certificate. If not, there are no problems, it's just you may need some more training which can be discussed with your instructor. For more detail on what the CBT entails, look at the 'Learn to Ride' tab.

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